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8 Stages of Sales

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Do you know of the 8 stages of sales? They are Prospect, Make Contact, Nurture the Lead, Present the Offer, Overcome Objections, Close the Sale, Deliver, and Request Referrals.

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1. Prospect: According to LinkedIn, prospecting is “the process of identifying and contacting potential customers in order to generate new business”

2. Make Contact: Via email marketing, social media, cold calls, and other types of outreach, you will make your lead aware of who you are and your services.

3. Nurture Your Lead: In this stage, you will share valuable information your lead will need to solve their problem.

4. Present Your Offer: Present your offer to your lead on your sales call, after you have learned of their needs and goals. Most of your sales call will include you listening to your lead.

5. Overcome Objections: It is natural for your leads to provide objections. Don't take it personally. Listen and share solutions to your leads' objections.

6. Close The Sale: As soon as objections are overcome, close the sale by asking for the investment.

7. Deliver: Provide your client with the service and product you promise.

8. Request For Referrals: Happy clients bring happy friends.

Bonus: You may also start the sales cycle with your current clients again as their needs change and evolve.

The 8 stages of sales are a prospect, making contact, nurturing the lead, presenting the offer, overcoming objections, closing the sale, delivering, and requesting referrals.

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