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About The CEO

About The CEO

I help middle and top managers prevent burnout, develop interpersonal skills, resilience, decisiveness and develop subordinates, resulting in 83% life and career changing transformation.

It was always my goal to empower women through my business. After two and a half years of making and selling natural skincare products, I decided to close my skin care business and pursue a career in coaching and consulting. Since 2019 I have coached and consulted numerous women startup entrepreneurs in becoming successful business owners, used my 20 years of military and leadership experience to coach middle to top managers and saved organizations six figures in veteran retention initiatives. Currently, I am partnered with various coaches and consultants to provide coaching, consulting and training support to clients and continues to help women grow professionally and organizations develop their middle to top level managers.

There’s no one with more experience and more heart than Rolande. She cares deeply about your success and helping you navigate to get there.

— Laselle Jospeh Theus, Full Belly Life

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