The Power of Narrowing Your Niche & Speaking To Your Target Audience

It’s time to narrow your niche and speak to your target audience! By honing in on a specific group of people with specific problems and identifying an avatar to speak to about a particular issue in your marketing, you can reap the rewards of becoming a specialist rather than a generalist. This blog post will explore the power of narrowing your niche and speaking to your target audience.

Creating a Signature Program: Thinkific’s Best Content Options

Thinkific offers eight fun and engaging options that you can use as you please to create your perfect program. Whether you choose audio downloads, video, text, or something else entirely, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of each option. You can even mix and match them to create truly unique content that your students will love!

How saying yes to a new opportunity hurt your business?

In the infancy of your coaching business, people will approach you with various business opportunities. Often times the opportunities will not align with your strategic business goals. Those people will tell you to recognize other revenue streams to enhance profitability. They’ll offer you get-rich-quick schemes and fancy propositions that sound amazing. You may even giveContinue reading “How saying yes to a new opportunity hurt your business?”

8 Stages of Sales

Do you know of the 8 stages of sales? They are Prospect, Make Contact, Nurture the Lead, Present the Offer, Overcome Objections, Close the Sale, Deliver, and Request Referrals. Share and like this post so others may learn. 1. Prospect: According to LinkedIn, prospecting is “the process of identifying and contacting potential customers in orderContinue reading “8 Stages of Sales”

Online Program Lessons Should Be Consumable In One Setting

Adult learners are busy. They have jobs, families, college, and so much more. They need information that is short and to the point. Lessons should be impactful and to the point. Unless it’s a short how-to video, it should be 5 minutes or less. Audio should be 5 minutes or less, and text should be well written, simply stated, and short. You’re not defending your doctorate; you teach your client how to achieve a specific goal.

Great Signature Program Bonuses Require No Extra Work From You

Repurpose the content into a miniature course, ebook, template, etc. Then offer it as a bonus. The content is valuable and will enhance the client’s knowledge and experience. They choose when and if they want to consume it, and you don’t have to be present for the bonus to work.