Why And How To Answer Objections Early In The Sales Process

It makes sense that leads have questions before booking a discovery call. Most people have questions about finance, time commitment, and legitimacy. I’m here to help you answer all their questions and a few more, Before their discovery call.

It helps when you can answer objections early in the sales process. It gives leads a sense of comfort knowing what to expect from you. It also helps to thin out tire kickers and people who just want to see what your program is about without making a commitment. 

First, share the common objections and answers on your blog, newsletter, and social media. Create an article like this one, and briefly answer each question. Ensure you add a call to action so those interested may take the next step. 

Second, include answers to objections in your discovery call confirmation email. Again, it will help your leads feel a sense of comfort that you are being open and honest and offering solutions to their fears. 

Third, be prepared to answer objections in your sales call. The best way to prepare is to practice. The more you practice overcoming objections, the more comfortable you will be. 

Below are questions I often receive and how I answer them. 

How do I know your program and services are legitimate?

This is an excellent opportunity to brag about your accomplishments and direct them to testimonials, press kits, and other proof that your offer works. 

I have many videos and written testimonials from happy clients who stand by the results and work I’ve provided. Below are links to videos and written testimonials.

I can’t afford your program. 

Acknowledge your program is expensive, then share with them how others have been able to afford it. Office several ways of paying for your services via payment plans and financing.

“My program is expensive. Many of my clients have said the same thing you’ve said. What helped them is I don’t require clients to pay in full. I offer payment options for all of my clients. The payment plan and FlexxBuy financing are the most utilized options and are easy to qualify.”

I can do this on my own. 

Agree with the lead; they can go solo. Then lay out the consequences of going solo. Share with the money, time, and energy they will waste by not obtaining help. 

“You sure can. That’s how I started, on my own without help. Like me, what will happen is that you will waste a ton of time and money trying to figure it out on your own. You’ll make unnecessary mistakes that could have been avoided if you hired a professional to help you. My process is proven to take less time and recover 100% of your return on investment within the first 3-6 months after the program is complete. All you have to do is follow the process.”

I don’t care about making money. I just want to help people. 

Share with your lead that charging well is more than vanity but necessity.

“You can’t service your clients at the level they deserve if you aren’t making enough money. Packaging your services and pricing them isn’t about charging high rates to the highest payer. It’s about covering your operation costs, enhancing your knowledge with higher levels of training, covering opportunity costs, and offering systems and amenities to your clients that help them reach their highest potential. You can’t do that for free. If you run a non-profit, you still need to bring in money to support that. Grantors want to know that you can sell your program to other donors.”

I don’t have time.

Acknowledge, validate, and normalize your lead’s concerns.  

“Finding time to prioritize your dreams can be challenging. You’re working full time and taking care of your family. So it makes sense that you may feel overwhelmed with your schedule. God has placed an assignment on your heart. Let me help you with time management to start working on the project in your heart. If God gave you the vision, he would give you the time. So the question is whether you choose to take the time to put HIS vision into action.”

I want to pray on it. 

Offer to pray with them. 

“I understand entirely. God is my CEO and COO. I also know you’ve already prayed on it. You asked God to help you get your new coaching practice. You asked him to help you make enough money from your course, so you could leave your exhausting 9-5 and serve HIM on a full-time basis. This may be the answer to your prayers. Before attending the meeting, ask God to provide you with confirmation that enrolling in Business Launch Prep School is according to HIS will. Ask him to remove all obstacles from your way so you can fulfill HIS vision and HIS will, then step back and watch him work. If your intuition feels good, follow it. God gave us intuition, and it never lies.”

Build a Successful Business or Coaching Practice with the Expert Support of Rolande Sumner and LASTCo

by Binary News Network Published on July 2, 2022

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the world has reformed. Many individuals have taken to dictating their income streams to gain more control of their life, finances, and time. However, starting a business from scratch can be difficult for many women, especially those without the correct degrees and training. This becomes more complicated when they consider the competitive market and the need to make quick, impactful connections with their target markets. 

Founded by retired veteran Rolande Sumner, LASTCo provides startup strategies and training for women looking to break the career cycle and pave their own future. With several courses available for women to choose from, Rolande has created a hub for all women seeking quick installments of self-development that will transfer into a profitable business in the future. 

Read more: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/build-a-successful-business-or-coaching-practice-with-the-expert-support-of-rolande-sumner-and-lastco#ixzz7YB3jPY4v

8 Stages of Sales

Do you know of the 8 stages of sales? They are Prospect, Make Contact, Nurture the Lead, Present the Offer, Overcome Objections, Close the Sale, Deliver, and Request Referrals.

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1. Prospect: According to LinkedIn, prospecting is “the process of identifying and contacting potential customers in order to generate new business”

2. Make Contact: Via email marketing, social media, cold calls, and other types of outreach, you will make your lead aware of who you are and your services.

3. Nurture Your Lead: In this stage, you will share valuable information your lead will need to solve their problem.

4. Present Your Offer: Present your offer to your lead on your sales call, after you have learned of their needs and goals. Most of your sales call will include you listening to your lead.

5. Overcome Objections: It is natural for your leads to provide objections. Don't take it personally. Listen and share solutions to your leads' objections.

6. Close The Sale: As soon as objections are overcome, close the sale by asking for the investment.

7. Deliver: Provide your client with the service and product you promise.

8. Request For Referrals: Happy clients bring happy friends.

Bonus: You may also start the sales cycle with your current clients again as their needs change and evolve.

The 8 stages of sales are a prospect, making contact, nurturing the lead, presenting the offer, overcoming objections, closing the sale, delivering, and requesting referrals.

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Kill The Boredom In Your Signature Program by Offering Various Forms Of Content

Are you worried your signature program is boring? Offer multiple content delivery methods to your program.

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Listen. No longer are we in the era of offering content of just video and text. Learning platforms have added fun new options to keep learning interesting. Below is a list of options Thinkific offers that I love.

  1. Video. I load traditional short videos, PC screen videos, and animation videos made in Doodly.
  2. Text. I use the text feature of content that needs clear, short explanations.
  3. Download. This feature is good to distribute files to clients.
  4. Multimedia. I love this feature. I have added tools and websites to my course, allowing clients to use and browse directly in the course.
  5. PDF. This allows clients to view and download pdf documents directly on the screen.
  6. Audio. I will upload a short audio file to supplement the information I’ve already added.
  7. Presentation. This allows you to upload a slide show and record your voice. It’s pretty neat.
  8. Live. I book live cohort sessions via this link, making it easy for clients to log in via the course.

Thinkific also offers several assessment features as well.

Mix up the delivery method of your content in your course. It keeps the content fresh and gives your clients something to look for.

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Online Program Lessons Should Be Consumable In One Setting

Curious about how long your course lesson should be? Clients should be able to finish a lesson in one sitting.

Adult learners are busy. They have jobs, families, college, and so much more. They need information that is short and to the point. Information that can be learned and implemented in day-to-day life is best. Theory-based learning is best for institutional-based education. Clients are looking for actionable steps and information in signature programs.

Lessons should be impactful and to the point. Unless it’s a short how-to video, it should be 5 minutes or less. Audio should be 5 minutes or less, and text should be well written, simply stated, and short. You’re not defending your doctorate; you’re teaching your client how to achieve a specific goal.

With that being said, you may add several short videos (and other types of content) to one lesson. Make sure the information is short and build upon the other. Always put the most important piece of content at the top to ensure the client receives it.

Mixing media through the course keeps the content fresh as well as keeps the attention of the client. One tool I love to include is doodle videos made with Doodly. I find it helps me make an impactful video in half the length. The videos are easy to make and are eye-catching.

Let’s recap.

Clients should be able to finish a lesson in one sitting.

  • Video - 5 minutes or less (unless it is a how-to video.)
  • Audio - 5 minutes or less
  • Text - Simply stated and to the point.
  • Graphics - Should be colorful and grab the viewer's attention

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2022 Crea Global Award

I’m excited to share that I’m a recipient of the 2022 Crea Global Award from Brainz Magazine. This award is presented to Executive Contributors and notable subject matter experts by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition of our creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or our contributions to sustainability and mental health projects. Among the list of recipients are Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Brene Brown, and Milas Kunas.

As a Brainz Executive Contributor, I’m chosen to provide my expertise in business strategy, specifically in startup business coaching. I’m pretty happy to help readers on a monthly basis understand concepts like program pricing, program development, and more.

My goal is to help women coaches claim their expertise, live in their God-given purpose and make money doing it. To read my articles visit my contributor page at https://www.brainzmagazine.com/executive-contributor/Rolande-S.-Sumner.

Great Signature Program Bonuses Require No Extra Work From You

What should I offer as a bonus for my course? Perfect bonuses are items or content you couldn’t fit into the course but would enhance the learner’s knowledge.

First, let me say that bonus offers do that include any additional work on your part, once the client receives it. They receive the bonus and your work is complete.

As course creators, we are passionate about our expertise and topics. We want to share every detail we know. But the client does need every detail. So we are often placed in a position of deciding what content goes and what stays.

Repurpose the content into a miniature course, ebook, template, etc. Then offer it as a bonus. The content is valuable and will enhance the client’s knowledge and experience. They choose when and if they want to consume it, and you don’t have to be present for the bonus to work.

Other Ideas for Bonuses Material

  • Mini-Course: Look in the vault of content you created while providing value to your audience. Bundle some of the content up into a mini-course.
  • Worksheets and Templates: At some point, you have either purchased or created worksheets and templates to help you grow and develop. Which of those documents can you repurpose and offer as bonuses? If you purchase documents, can you purchase the license for commercial use?
  • Preferred Vendor List: Develop a trusted list of professionals who offer services that complement your offer. In other words, your clients will need support in areas you can not or do not want to cover. Call on industry friends to help. Offering a list of preferred vendors helps you strengthen your network, as well as provide valuable assistance to our clients.
  • Exclusive Community: It is customary, particularly during COVID-19, that online programs include an exclusive community for paid members of a high-ticket program. It offers space for the members to fellowship with each other, ask questions, and gain support. A thriving community is worth approximately $682 a year per member according to PeerBoard.com's Jan 24, 2022 article 105 Online Community Statistics To Know: The Complete List (2022).

In short, bonuses are at your fingertips, and will most likely take little to no work to develop.

Apply to Business Launch Prep School at https://home.blps.live to learn how to create your signature program and bonus material.

5 Steps To Fill Your Value Ladder


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Struggling to fill your value ladder? Use your high-ticket offer to fill your value ladder by breaking it up into smaller pieces.

1. Create an On-Demand course from your Live group program and price it at approximately ½ the price of the Live program.

2. Offer the Live group program a 1:1 private offer at no less than $10K.

3. Sell modules from the On-Demand course separately for about $200-$300 apiece.

4. Sell the worksheets and tools from the modules as separate items from $25 – $97.

5. Use the worksheets and tools as lead magnets for your funnel.

You used what you had to create what you wanted.

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Taking Ownership of Your Career

“It is no one’s job but yours to take action on your career – but you don’t have to do it alone either. Ask for help!  Ask for advocacy!  Ask for advice!  Ultimately, you do the action that comes from the answers but hire the coach, talk to the manager, and build that network to overcome what may hold you back.  Career coach, former veteran, and business strategist helping women start up their businesses and in this episode, she helps out listeners take ownership of their careers using the same techniques.  Its a refreshingly real conversation about not waiting for permission to take hold of your professional life, once and for all.” – Andrea Pagnozzi

Including Live Coaching In Your Signature Program Is Gold

Trying to decide if you want to start with an On-Demand or Live Course? Yes, you definitely should include coaching in your program.

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According to the International Coaching Federation,

“The ICF Global Coaching Client Study shows most clients reported improved work performance, better business management, more efficient time management, increased team effectiveness, and more growth and opportunities. The same study found that coaching clients noted greater self-confidence, enhanced relationships, more effective communications skills, better work-and-life balance and an improvement in wellness. Nearly 70 percent of individuals indicated they had at least made back their initial investment. The median suggests that a client who achieved financial benefit from coaching can typically expect a ROI of more than three times the amount spent.”

The Gold Standard in Coaching: ICF – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).” International Coaching Federation, 21 Jan. 2022, https://lnkd.in/gsfW74eC

In other words, your client’s results may be enhanced with increased self-confidence, better communication skills, stronger relationships, and so much more.

Create a Live group and 1:1 private version of your signature program for clients who thrive from your attention and coaching.

As a participant in Amanda Abella’s sales program, my confidence and knowledge increased when I upgraded from on-demand to live. I did well in the on-demand program, but the personal attention in the live program really helped me grow. Live coaching gives clients an opportunity to have questions answered and blocks removed that may not be addressed in the on-demand version. There is also the growing energy sharing that helps keep you motivated and on track, that you will not experience in an exclusive community or on-demand course.

Live and 1:1 coaching is always the way to go. However, on-demand is a good start if the budget is tight.

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