BLPS Payment Options

During the BLPS Live Cohort, Anna Zschuppe made $10K by following the program and taking advantage of the coaching sessions. Anna earned double her investment within 12 weeks of starting the program.

Full Payment

Receive a 10% incentive when you make a lump sum payment during enrollment.




LaTorcha Polati completed the pilot program and started earning 4-5 figures a month. What she has learned gave her the tools and courage to claim her value in pricing and make a impact.


The below payment plans include a 18% finance charge.

$2,557/Month for 3 Months

$5901/Month for 3 Months

$20,455/Month for 3 Months

Starla Bice

While in Business Launch Prep School, Starla Bice enrolled new clients into her signature program. She applied the steps provided in the course to help her audience develop healthy lives.


FlexxBuy offers budget friendly financing options that offer more time and lower payments than in-house payment plan. Applying takes only a few minutes and does not effect your credit score.

Applicants may choose to pay the plan off early and save on interest. You can not pay in advanced with our in-house payment plan

As low as

As low as

As low as