Market Research

We are prepared to conduct market research since we know our client and target audience. The type of market research we will perform does not include data-driven through government databases like the Department of Labor or Small Business Administration. Instead, we will be going directly to our target audience and asking them what they need, want, and how they want it delivered.

First, go to where your target audience hangout. Focus on social media platforms and groups and in-person events. Remember, your family, friends, and long-time acquaintances are NOT your target audience. Interviewing them will not count.

Second, post and share a request for market research candidates to help you in your research. As a sign of gratitude, you will offer the research subject 15 minutes of coaching after the Q&A is complete.

Third, video or audio record each interview. You’ll want to review the answers later when you develop content. Take note of the 3-5 topics and desires that continue to surface from each interview. Your target audience will have common desires. Those ideas will be the focus of your content.

Ask open-ended empowering questions. You want your interviewee to share their deepest fears, most significant challenges, goals, desired solutions, and preferred delivery.

Find the “Market Research Request Script” for a social media post sample and market research question framework.