Types Of Content For Your Course

Video Tips

  • Compress your videos for easy upload and watching. Handbrake is a free app you may use. 
  • Use a teleprompter or teleprompter app. 
  • Use a high-resolution camera.
    • Smart Phone
    • WebCam
  • Use Video Conferencing software.
    • Zoom
    • Free Conference call
    • Google Hangout (Not all plans allow you to record your conference call.)
    • Cisco
  • Lighting
    • Natural Sunlight
    • Ring light
    • Room light (Beware of the yellow tint.)
    • Light kit (Beware of the heat that it projects.)
  • Sound
    • Clear the room of anyone or thing that doesn’t need to be there.
    • Turn off background noise, ie. AC, TV, etc.
    • Utilize a microphone on your headphones, computer, or Smart Phone.
  • Time
    • Keep the time under 10 minutes.
    • Videos should be completed in one sitting. 

Audio Tips

  • Use if the content does not need a demonstration.
  • Keep time under 10 minutes.
  • Follow the sound tips from your video.


Presentations are slide shows you upload. Some platforms will require you to convert the presentation from PowerPoint to pdf. Many allow you to add audio to each slide to engage your audience. 

Try ILovePDF to convert your PowerPoint slides to PDF. 


Repurpose your blog articles and short lessons for text. You can type or copy and paste your text from its source directly into the learning platform. You are not looking to write a textbook. So keep the text short and to the point. 

The text allows you to insert videos, audio, multimedia, etc. 

Helpful Tools 

Create graphics with CanvaPro.

To create content for any platform, use AnyWord AI

To compress your videos without losing quality, use Handbrake

To download your youtube videos or just the audio from your video, use ClipGrab.

To spell and grammar checks your written content, use Grammarly.