Target Audience vs Soulmate Client

Your soulmate client is you before the transformation. 

  • Who were you before you invested in self-development? 
  • Why did you need your program? 
  • What was your state of mind?
  • How much was your annual revenue?
  • Did you have children?
  • Were you married?
  • What was your profession?
  • What was your story before the transformation?
  • Did you have pets?
  • How old were you?

I want you to get detailed. Let the tears flow if you have to. 

Note: This is a guide. As you get to know your audience, you may discover they are a little younger, older, and more or less financially stable. This is a starting point to get you in the right direction. 

Growth Exercise

Complete the  “Soulmate Client Exercise – LinkedIn Edition” worksheet. During our session, I will address common errors or concerns I’ve noticed from the group’s submissions without identifying you.