Online Program Lessons Should Be Consumable In One Setting

How long should your course lesson be? Clients should be able to finish a lesson in one sitting.

Adult learners are busy. They have jobs, families, college, and so much more. They need information that is short and to the point. Information that can be learned and implemented in day-to-day life is best. Theory-based learning is best for institutional-based education. Clients are looking for actionable steps and information in signature programs.

Lessons should be impactful and to the point. Unless it’s a short how-to video, it should be 5 minutes or less. Audio should be 5 minutes or less, and the text should be well-written, clear and concise; remember, you’re not defending your doctorate; you’re teaching your client how to achieve a specific goal.

You may add several short videos (and other types of content) to one lesson. Make sure the information is concise and builds upon the last lesson. Always put the most critical content at the top to ensure the client receives it.

Mixing media through the course keeps the content fresh as well as keeps the attention of the client. One tool I love to include is Doodly. It helps me make an impactful video with less play time. The videos are easy to make and eye-catching. For example, if I record a video, it could quickly go over 6 minutes if I need to be more careful. I can make the same point in 3-4 minutes when I use Doodly.

Let’s recap.

Clients should be able to finish a lesson in one sitting.

  • Video - 5 minutes or less (unless it is a how-to video.)
    • Create an outline with specific points you want to discuss,
    • use your smartphone, webcam, or other video recording device,
    • if you don't want to be seen, use an app like Doodly to create fun videos that can clearly convey your message.
  • Audio - 5 minutes or less
    • Create an outline with specific points you want to discuss,
    • drink tea or warm water to clear your through before you record,
    • invest in a good microphone, and
    • make sure all devices in your space are off so there is little to no background noise.
  • Text - Simply stated and to the point.
    • This is not a text book, write short paragraphs and/or bullet statements,
    • add text to emphasis key points deplayed in images, worksheets, growth exercises, etc.
  • Graphics - Should be colorful and grab the viewer's attention
    • Graphics are a fun way to emphasis a point and recapture the attention of your audience,
    • when possible, brand your graphics,
    • use Canva or hire a professional from Fiverr.

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Published by Rolande Sumner

Rolande S. Sumner is a retired US Army veteran and the CEO & Founder of Life After Service Transitional Coaching LLC®. Rolande enlisted in the US Army National Guard in 1995 and retired in 2015. During her career, she was an Admin Clerk, Heavy Vehicle Operator, and Human Resources Manager. She served as both a traditional National Guard Soldier and as an Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Soldier; and stationed in Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Afghanistan. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) via the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Rolande is also one of the bestselling authors of Behind The Rank, Volume 3.

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