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Great Signature Program Bonuses Require No Extra Work From You

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What should I offer as a program bonus for my course? Perfect signature program bonuses are items or content you couldn’t fit into the course but would enhance the learner’s knowledge.

First, let me say that program bonus offers do that include any additional work on your part, once the client receives it. They receive the bonus and your work is complete.

As course creators, we are passionate about our expertise and topics. We want to share every detail we know. But the client does need every detail. So we are often placed in a position of deciding what content goes and what stays.

Repurpose the content into a miniature course, ebook, template, etc. Then offer it as a program bonus. The content is valuable and will enhance the client’s knowledge and experience. They choose when and if they want to consume it, and you don’t have to be present for the bonus to work.

Other Ideas for Program Bonuses Material

In short, program bonuses are at your fingertips, and will most likely take little to no work to develop.

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