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At Life After Service Transitional Coaching, our mission is to provide smart, experienced, and honest coaching and consulting services to organizations that understand the success of their people equals the success of the business. Our goal is to deliver cost savings, time savings, objectivity, customization, and act as a change catalyst in the industry.


Leadership Development Coaching and Consulting

Leadership Development unlocks hidden potential, bolsters existing abilities, and alters behaviors to bring success. We are dedicated to helping leaders thrive, especially when the going gets tough with new roles, hurdles, or more accountability.

Professional Development Coaching and Consulting

Unlocking your true potential – that’s the goal! Through meaningful conversations, we’ll explore your strengths, weaknesses and objectives, and design a strategy that’s just right for you. Join us willingly, with clarity of expectations, and let’s get started on your journey of personal growth and development.

Executive Coaching

Upgrade your skillset with the help of an executive coach. These one-on-one or group sessions will stimulate discussion, support you through challenges, and help you make the most of professional opportunities.

Workshops Facilitator

Need better meeting results? Facilitation is the key! It optimizes efficiency, controls unproductive dynamics, and leads to greater responsibility. Plus, the leader can actively join in the discussion – the best of both worlds!


Educate, motivate & entertain your audience while bringing a fresh outlook & invaluable advice to drive success.

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