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Which of the 6 startup personas are you?

BLPS Client Journey

6 Startup Personas

I’ve identified six startup personas I speak to daily. Each persona is at a different stage of the coaching business startup journey. As you read these startup personas, understand that you can move quickly between them with a simple change in mindset and action. Which are you, and are you ready to turn your wishes into reality?

Fantasy Queen

The Fantasy Queen is a dreamer. The perceived glamour and benefits of being a business owner are the only thing she wants. Serious thought and consideration concerning the hard work necessary to successfully start and sustain a coaching practice have yet to be done.

Based on her current start-up work ethic and lack of knowledge, her 6-12 month startup goals are not attainable. They are just wishes and unfulfilled dreams.

Solution: Listen to Andrena Phillips podcast episode on the neccessity of self improvement, to help you take action.

DIY Princess

The DIY Princess believes she can do it herself and consumes freebies, low-priced offers, and free content. She thinks getting a business license, and EIN makes her an actual CEO. She often follows her broke friends into get-quick-rich schemes that never pan out, resulting in wasted time and money and no closer to her startup goals. She has a chronic case of “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.”

Her current lack of knowledge, lack of focus, and scarcity mindset make her 6-12 month startup goals unattainable.

Solution: Check out BLPS membership tiers, which include community, resouces, tools, classes, and more, starting at $57/Month.

Desperate Diva

The Desperate Diva is confused, frustrated, and desperate for help; and understands that what she is doing isn’t working. Maximizing the capacity of low-cost offers, freebies, and free content is bearing zero results. The crux is her scarcity mindset will not allow her to invest in the help she needs to grow. All she sees is money flying out, and she needs to take responsibility for doing the work and implementing high-level techniques to create a return on investment.

Her current scarcity mindset and lack of knowledge make her 6-12 month startup goals potentially attainable but at a high cost of wasted time and money.

Solution: Try out our Wealth Consciousness class for $97. It will give you a better understanding of how money flows and get your mindset in the right place. 

Courageously Conscious

Courageously Conscious hates her job and wants to leave NOW!! She is consciously seeking help to build her startup. She wants to make enough money to replace her income in 6 months to a year and knows she can’t do it alone. She understands that investment is necessary to meet her goals. What makes her different from Desperate Diva is her mindset. She understands that if she invests in her business and does the work, she will receive a return on her investment.

Based on her current abundance mindset and willingness to invest in herself and develop critical skills with expert assistance, her 6-12 month startup goals are attainable.

Solution: Apply for a demo of the Business Launch Prep School program. Those who do the work capture leads for their coaching program in the first month of the program, create a signature program that delivers and gains sales confidence without being pushy. Prep Schoolers make 4-5 figures per client after they complete the program.

Prep Schooler

The Prep Schooler is enrolled in Business Launch Prep School and finds good people for her coaching services and programs within the first month. She learns how to bring God into her business for optimal success and how to create, price, and sell her program. She’s given the information she needs to start her coaching business, from legal documentation to making a consistent income.

Her current abundance mindset and willingness to do the work make her 6-12 month startup goals attainable.

Prep Schooler, Anna Zschuppe, made $10K while in the program.

Real Business Woman

The Real Business Woman has launched her signature program, enrolled her first 4 – 5 figure clients, and is on her way to making consistent monthly money because she continues to do the work. She confidently shares the value of her knowledge and work, receives high-ticket sales prices for her services, and understands what sets her apart. She is confident in her God-given assignment and excited to fulfill her purpose.

Based on her current abundance mindset, new critical skills, and willingness to do the work, her 6-12 month startup goals are attainable.

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